Premium On Site Oil Changes
Serving Marin and Sonoma County
Packages and Pricing

What We Do

We change the oil in your car, truck, SUV, or van, when and where it's convenient for you. We take the utmost care of your car, and use only quality oil and filters.

We Save You Time

Since we come to your location, you don't have to waste time driving to the shop and sitting in a waiting room. You can work or cook or do whatever you want while we do the dirty work.

Quality Oil and Filters

Whether you pick one of our standard conventional or synthetic packages, or decide to upgrade to AMSOIL, you can rest assured a warranty approved oil and filter are used on your vehicle.

We Care About Your Car

With an unrivaled attention to detail and a more patient approach to oil changes, you can rest assured we treat your car well. Whether you want to do more interesting things while we change or oil or you want to watch, you can tell we care.

Packages and Pricing

We come to you, prepared with the correct oil and filter for your vehicle. We never charge hidden fees or trip charges - we'll give you an exact, up-front quote prior to making your oil change appointment.


Motor Oil

Our lowest price oil change, suitable for older vehicles without special oil requirements.

Starting at $79

  • Conventional
    or Synthetic Blend Oil
  • 5 Quarts Included
  • $5 Extra Quarts

Full Synthetic

Motor Oil

Synthetic oil is required for most newer or performance vehicles, or a great upgrade for any vehicle.

Starting at $99

  • Our Most Popular and Best Value Package
  • 5 Quarts Included
  • $5 Extra Quarts

High Mileage

High Mileage

Over 75K miles? Upgrade our Conventional or Full Synthetic packages to High Mileage oil!

Upgrade for just $7!

  • Protect against oil leaks
  • Reduce oil consumption
  • Prolong emission system component lifespan


AMSOIL Signature Series

Protect your investment in your expensive car or truck with genuine AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic!

Starting at $139

  • Specifications Vary by Application
  • 5 Quarts Included
  • $10 Extra Quarts

What Comes Standard - All packages include either an OEM oil filter or a quality aftermarket filter. All packages include our comprehensive multi-point inspection - and you can rest assured our service suggestions are honest since we don't do any additional repairs or maintenance.
Multi-Car/Fleet Discount - Get 10% off for 2-4 vehicles, get 20% off for 5-10 vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is different than your typical oil change, so here's some questions we get a lot!

What brand oil and filter do you use?

For our AMSOIL synthetic packages, we obviously only use AMSOIL Signature Series oil. For our Conventional or Synthetic packages, we use a variety of different oil brands, all of which are API certified. If you upgrade to High Mileage, we only use Valvoline with MaxLife technology. Whether you pick one of our standard conventional or synthetic packages, or decide to upgrade to AMSOIL, you can rest assured either an OEM oil filter or quality name brand aftermarket oil filter is used.

What viscosity or weight of oil do you use?

Generally for liability and warranty reasons we only use the OEM specified viscosity or weight of oil for your application. Where multiple viscosity grades are permitted by the vehicle manufactured, we'll use our experience, your vehicle mileage, local climate, and specific usage conditions to determine the best oil for your vehicle.

Why are your oil changes a little more expensive than some other places?

Yes, you can find a cheaper oil change somewhere else - but we're different. First, we come to you, but don't charge any extra trip fees or service charges. Second, we use only quality oil and filters - no mystery oil out of a 55 gallon drum or generic cheapo filters! Third, we don't perform additional services or upsell you on things like air filters or wiper blades, which is how most places make money on loss-leader priced oil changes. With OnSiteOilChanges.Net, you know exactly what you'll get, and how much you'll pay.

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